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While other girls in her community wanted to become ballerinas and go to university, 24-year-old Salomè Scholtz, from a small farming town in the North West province, wanted to be a farmer.

“When I was around 14 years old, I always told people I want to be a farmer. When all the other girls wanted to be ballet dancers, I wanted to be farmer,” says Scholtz, from Stella, near Vryburg and Mahikeng.

“I remember quite clearly I was saving up money to buy myself a pair of veld shoes. So one Friday afternoon I went to Vryburg with my mom and I told her I’m going to buy the vellies. I took them off the shelf and the owner laughed and said those shoes aren’t for girls. I told him I’m going to be a farmer one day and he cracked laughing. He told me women can’t farm.

“That was the moment I realized I’m forever going to hear that comment. I bought my vellies, smiled, said thanks and told him I WILL be a farmer and he should always remember this day.”

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