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The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) has turned to the court to stop a shipment of over 80 000 sheep from the Eastern Cape to Kuwait this month, citing animal abuse concerns.

If, on 6 August, the courts rule in the NSPCA’s favour, it would mark the first known instance where necessary animal suffering for human consumption has been tested in courts.

It may also have a lasting impact on the export of all live animals out of South Africa.

What is the concern at the moment? 

This is a trade of sheep from the Eastern Cape to Kuwait and sometimes to Oman. So part of the technical issues about the animals’ welfare are species-specific.

So it’s important that you know that we get that right because the court case with the NSPCA fighting is specifically about this journey. It’s not, at this stage, a ban on all live transport. What happens generally in this trade is that there are a number of companies who have converted a car carrier or container ships to move livestock around the world.

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